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    Notice of Privacy

    Notice of Privacy

    Web Site: https://ombrapiatta.com

    Ombra Piatta

    Ombra Piatta is committed to respecting the privacy rights of our visitors and users. This Privacy Notice is to give confidence to those who visit and use the services we offer for the acquisition of various products and obtain detailed information on these products according to their needs.
    It is the policy and commitment of Ombra Piatta to respect and protect the privacy of all our clients and potential clients, as well as of all the holders of Personal Data that we have in our possession.

    Ombra Piatta where appropriate, will treat the following Personal Data of the visitors of our Website and / or users of our Services (hereinafter the “Owner”):

    i) Contact Information,

    ii) Data of
    Identification, and
    iii) Patrimonial Data.

    At Ombra Piatta we have the conviction and philosophy of maintaining a constant and active communication with our clients and potential clients. Unless otherwise notified or instructed by the Owner, he consents to the processing of his Personal Data within and outside the United Mexican States in terms of this Notice 

    of Privacy and the Terms and Conditions of the site www.ombrapiatta.com and understand that they may be handled and / or transferred directly or indirectly by Ombra Piatta, and / or third party service providers and / or our business partners, as well as in their competent authorities within the applicable legal framework.

    Purposes of the Treatment
    The treatment of the Personal Data of the Owner includes the following purposes:
    Be contacted and send information in order to follow up on requests, suggestions, claims and / or any other request of the Owner or to perform technical updates of the products or services that he has acquired, to create a business relationship, follow up and maintain communication in general.
    Be contacted and send information to promote promotions, information from our business partners, offer our products or services, send advertising regarding products and services including any commercial, marketing, statistical and prospecting actions for said purposes.
    To prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Data of the Owner and in order to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice, the options and means we have established are, in general, the same as those we use to our own data and documents, by means 
    Means and Procedure for Exercising ARCO Rights
    If the Owner wishes to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the processing of their Personal Data or wishes to revoke their consent for which Ombra Piatta treats them, they may send an email to the address [email protected], in the which the Holder must identify with his full name, the
    legal relationship you have with Ombra Piatta and the contact information in which you can be contacted. The procedures for the exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, as well as for the revocation of your consent will be made known through your email once your request is received.
    In the same way, through these channels, the Owner may update their data and specify the means by which they wish to receive information, since in case of not having this specification on their part, Ombra Piatta will establish the channel that they consider pertinent for send you information
    Any change to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice will be made through an electronic procedure and will be published on our website www.ombrapiatta.com so that the owner always has knowledge of the current version of this Privacy Notice .
    This Privacy Notice does not cover the privacy terms of persons outside Ombra Piatta.
    Privacy notice last update September 10, 2018.

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